About Makeronly.com
  Makeronly.com is the first M2B(Manufacturer to Business)cross-border e-commerce platform.
  Makeronly.com was set up by Mr. Qin Changling, Chairman of Qingong International Group. With several years precipitation of working on international business, and comprehensive analysis and research in cross-border e-commerce platforms of China, Mr.Qin Changling proposed “3B” cross-border e-commerce theory, which had been one of important indicators of that cross-border e-commerce of China entered 3.0 era.
  “3B” theory:
  Break: Break the intermediate barriers, remove the middleman, and achieve the direct link between China manufacturer and foreign buyers (M2B).
  Big: Big platform only for big size factories.
  Brand: Brand strategy, brand cultivation and promotion, focusing on the value increasing.
  “3B” cross-border e-commerce theory is the core concept of the operations of Makeronly.com, and the purpose of Makeronly.com is to create a reliable international trade platform with customers’ trust. Firstly,  Makeronly.com can “break intermediate barriers”, create the direct link between excellent brand factories and worldwide buyers. In this way, Makeronly.com promotes the conversation efficiency of international trade and reduces the purchase cost of the buyers. Secondly, All registered factories of Makeronly.com have over 50000000RMB Yuan registered capital and operation history of more than 3 years, that is, they are all large and medium-sized manufacturers. To guarantee the quality and the credit of the factories, Makeronly.com ensures that every factory is query-able and traceable. Thirdly, www.makeronly.com proceeds the strategy of brand cultivation (including establishing international standards of industries & products, the policy of elimination & replacement of online factories, comprehensive monitoring of online factories of Makeronly.com, etc..), to build the international brand and international image of Chinese products.
  Being online, Makeronly.com has became the important signal of that Qingong International Group has carried out the global strategy of cross-border business.
  In 2008, Chairman Qin Changling established Qingong International Group. With the rapid progressing of the international business and expanding of international view, Mr. Qin Changling constantly emancipated the mind, kept exploring and Innovating, creatively carried out “Qingong Foreign Trade Trusteeship”, “Qingong Foreign Trade Comprehensive Service”, “Qingong Foreign Business School”, “EUH Talent Plan”, etc., especially Makeronly.com which has gradually formed the global strategic system of cross-border business of Qingong International Grooup.
  Chairman Qin Changling graduated from Physics College of Shandong University. Due to the passion for international trading, Mr. Qin Changling gave up the well-paid job and the senior position, went to Indiana University of USA, and got MBA master's degree, then continued to study in Beijing University and got After EMBA of Economics. After being back to China, Mr. Qin Changling devoted himself to international trading area, and established Qingong International Group in 2008.
  Mr. Qin Changling not only have high level of international trading theory, but also love Chinese culture, and constantly drew nourishment from abundant
  ethical and moral resources of Chinese culture, and applied it to the humanistic management of his group. At the beginning of the establishment of the group, he proposed the enterprise mission of “Spread Chinese culture and promote Qingong brand”, and such a group management model, combining Western management thoughts and Eastern philosophical wisdom, became a special scenery in Chinese enterprises culture. In May, 2015, As a classic case, the corporate culture of Qingong International Group entered the lecture hall of Harvard business school of USA.
  The Analects of Confucius has a saying: “Now the man of perfect virtue, wishing to be established himself, seeks also to establish others; wishing to be enlarged himself, he seeks also to enlarge others.” Mr. Qin Changling has always been adoring and practicing this concept. Qingong International Group often donates fund and supplies to nursing homes and orphanages, contributes money and books for the students in remote and poor areas, and had given cash and goods donation to Ya’an earthquake disaster region, contribute development fund to Shandong University, etc.. Besides, the group also carries out EUH project, jointly sets up e-commerce training school, and signs practical teaching strategic agreements with lots of universities and colleges, aiming to open up a new model of cultivating higher educated talents, and help college students on employment by building a deep foundation of practice of them.
  Mr. Qin Changling also works as member of the 11th Standing Committee of Chinese Young Entrepreneurs Association, Standing Director of Young Entrepreneurs Association of Shandong Province, Vice President of Chinese Confucian Culture Research Institute, Secretary-general of Beijing University Qilu Alumni Club, Vice Executive Director of Shandong University Alumni Association, Vice President of Jinan Import and Export Association, Vice Executive Director of Confucianism Master Magazine and other important social positions, actively throws himself into the trend of times and constantly offer advice and suggestions about the development of society, economics and culture.