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Qilu Electricity Suppliers Festival Launched on 22th December 2015, “Internet + Brand” Aroused Resonance​

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  On the morning of 22th December 2015, conducted by Shandong Provincial Department of Commerce, Qilu Electricity Suppliers Festival officially launched in Jinan City, Shandong Province, co-sponsored by Promotion Association of Shandong E-commerce and The Internet Media Group of Shandong. As one of the important activities of this festival, 2015 Internet Brand (Shandong) Summit meeting held on the same day.
  Secretary-general of Promotion Association of Shandong E-commerce, Mr. LouLeizhen made a detailed interpretation of “Internet + Brand”, planning to take the “Building Brand, Promoting Development” as the main line and take the “Brand products -- Brand Enterprises -- Brand Industries -- Brand Economies” as development path. Representatives from Qingong International Group, Inspur Group, Kaichuang Group and other Brand Groups made a presentation separately.
  Chairman of Qingong International Group, Mr. Qin Changling shared “Branding is the future of cross-border electricity”
  He intimated that the proposal of “Internet + Brand” is just in the right time. With the development of Internet and E-commerce, Branding should be placed on the agenda.
  Brand is not only for domestic markets, but also for international markets. Many China products are labeled with Three Lows: Low-Price, Low-Quality, Low-level. Although there are great international sales for China Products, Chinese enterprises win nothing on both profits and dignity.
  There’re less and less markets for Three Lows Products. For South-East Asia, South Asia and African products, their price is lower than the price of China products. Only be branding can promote the value and profits of China products. Only branding is long-term strategy. China exporting and cross e-commerce should build brand, and build Middle-end brand and Middle-superior brand, rather than superior brand, cause it still needs time to build superior brand.
  It’s hard to build international brand only by relying on enterprise. Building international brands needs platform, system, public resource and others. Qingong International Group is engaged in Foreign trade comprehensive service, which is in a leading position and covers the most categories service. Following the development trend of Internet, keeping pace with the times, constant developing exploration and innovation, Qingong International Group entrusts Inspur Group with the research and development of a new e-commerce platform (www.makeronly.com), which is the first M2B cross border e-commerce platform in China.
  There’re three main features. Firstly, all the registered sellers are manufacturing factories which are in large scales. The number or the registered sellers is limited to 30,000; Secondly, international buyers contact the sellers directly on Makeronly.com, which realizes “Break Intermediation” , promotes communication efficiency and reduces purchasing cost; Thirdly, this platform can also provide factories with Customs Clearance, Rapid Refund, Financing, Foreign Exchange, Credit Insurance, Logistics, Foreign Trade Trusteeship, Products Promotion, Foreign Trade Training, Customer Management, Recruitment, Foreign Language Translation and other service covering the whole industry chain of foreign trading service. For example, many factories who are lack of experience of foreign trading skills, foreign trading teams building, can entrust Qingong International Group with the Foreign trade training, conducting and managing. Qingong Foreign Trade Trusteeship has signed agreements with around 100 factories until 15th December 2015, which develops into the largest scale Foreign Trade Trusteeship service platform in China,
  M2B cross border e-commerce platform (Makeronly.com) connects the overseas buyers with Chinese sellers directly, helps China factories to find overseas clients, explores international markets, sets up international brands image of China. The future of China overseas market must be the future of brand.
  Participants also listened to ”The Opportunities and Challenges for E-commerce Platform”, “the Building Logic of Internet Brand” and other keynote speeches.