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See You Soon, My Brother in Pakistan​

Return News List Release Date:2016-03-04 | Concern :
  I acquainted myself with my Pakistan customer Imran had been more than 2 years. Speaking of our first contact, it was in the July 21, 2012, during the holy month of Ramadan in Pakistan. In the morning, I received an email from Pakistan customer, the customer was Imran . He said he was a Pakistan's purchasing manager of a company, planned to purchase a batch of the vehicle accessories. Imran sent me some pictures of spare parts and with a listing pictures, written with the Chinese name and brand of parts .My instinct told me that he was familiar with the vehicle, and was likely to understand China, and maybe other suppliers had quoted the customer over the price. Based on these information, I knew I should quote him the best price. I contacted with some spare parts warehouses, let they send accessories prices according to the picture and Chinese name, then converted prices to dollars and sent them immediately to the customer, and left my contact information. I also invited customer to visit our company, I would take him to visit our spare parts warehouse.
  To my surprise, very soon I received a call from Shanghai. That was a strange number, my instinct told me this phone should be from Pakistan customer Imran. So I picked up the phone, called out the customer's name: "Hi, Imran". Because of this instinctive judgment, closed the distance between each other. Then he told me, I was the first one could call out his name when answer his call in China. Through the mail, he felt I could be a cooperation supplier who could be trusted.
  Imran was very soft and lovely, laughing with two dimples, a bit shy, 28 years old, very young. But to my surprise he was decisive and efficient to do things. After made sure of the city where I live, and he arranged the visit to our company with his friends immediately. We met and then went straight to the warehouse. Then he confirmed the accessories with his friends, and let me make a quotation and calculate the sum. On the way back to the company, Imran told me that he would give me the orders. Because he felt that I am the one can be trusted, and this is the will of Allah.
  After paid the deposit, he went back to Shanghai by high-speed rail. During the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, he ate and drunk nothing. I were a little worried about his health. Whatever , the friendship between us had been made. I sent him the parts and soon received his response. He said the products were of high quality and thanked me so much.
  In fact, I should say thanks to him, because I was just doing my job. It was my Pakistan brothers Imran who gave me the support and trust, and let me have no reason not to do it well, and he let me feel the Pakistan people's enthusiasm and sincere. He made me understand why the relationship between China and Paskistan is always so good
  Time flies, the situation in Pakistan has not been very good in the past two years and with the change of the ruling party, Imran had no big company purchasing plan, but we still greet each other on MSN or other social networking tools,and every time he says: Hi Ben, my brother. I also want to say here: Imran, see you soon, my brother in Pakistan.