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From Truck to Alcohol Pot​

Return News List Release Date:2016-03-04 | Concern :
  In August, 2015, Diogo told me that he would visit our company during the end of September to the beginning of October, but later changed it to Oct. 12, and then, due to his busy work, finally he came to China in Oct 25. The 2 month delay didn’t cut down my expectation for his visit at all. I expect his visit much more than any other clients, not because he might put an order, but because he had strong fascination of personality. During 5 years of working in Qingong, I touched different types of clients, and some of them became good friends of mine, some became close sister and brother with me, but as for Diogo, my heart was filled with admiration for him.
  I knew Diogo in Jan, 2015, when my Mozambique brother Zaid send me a message on whatsapp: hi,sister,I will introduce one customer to you,they will contact you soon. I didn’t feel surprised with the message, because from 2013, Zaid had been one of the most enthusiastic clients of our company, and Zaid and I are very close friends.
  In that day, I got Diogo’s inquiry about Beiben truck mounted cranes. I worked on configuration confirmation, specification collecting, price calculations, etc. Everything was smooth. Perhaps because it was Zaid who introduced us to Diogo, Diogo trusted me. Diogo asked the first PI very soon, and then he paid the deposit, I arranged production, he paid the balance, and I arranged the delivery. The order was much more smooth than I expected.
  The previous period was too smooth! However, in Jun, 2015, the second day after receiving, the product was broken, rotary reducer fault. After receiving the photos of the rotary reducer, I contacted the factory at once. After analysis of the fault, we found it was caused by wrong operation of the workers. Such as bad news! I knew that the factory wouldn’t charge for the fault, so I contacted the department of spare parts, and the department staff contacted our General Manager Mr. Martin Wang. The spare parts plus delivery cost were about 5000 RMB Yuan. After getting agreement of Mr. David Qin, Chairman of our company, Mr. Martin Wang asked me to send spare parts by DHL as soon as possible. One week later, Diogo sent me a photo of the truck mounted crane and expressed gratitude.
  During 9 months contact, Diogo put two orders and I delivered products for 4 times, but I only called once with Diogo. The timely email contact was enough for us, and our talk theme was only products.
  In afternoon of Oct 25, 2015, I went to Jinan West Train Station for picking up Diogo, with my manager King Wang. It was cold, and all of us was dressed with windbreakers. Although I had told the weather of Jinan to Diogo, Diogo and his friends, who just came from Shanghai, still wear short sleeve clothes, very obvious in crowds. Diogo looked not so serious as I thought. He was a little baby fat, seeming lovely. His brother Mr. Goncalo and Portugal partner Mr. Tiago Verdasca came with him together. They formed an excellent team: Diogo was calm and restrained, Goncalo humorous, and Tiago full of personality.
  In the early morning of the next day, we started from Jinan, to the factory located in Henan Province. 4 hours driving, a long trip. All of us felt so tires, especially Mr. Tiago and I, who sat on the rear seats at the beginning, had to stay in a comparatively smaller space. When the car jolted, we persons on rear seats would hit the car roof with our head. Due to this, all of 3 overseas friends wanted to be the first person getting on the car, so as not to sit on the rear seats. Aiming not be involved the “war”, every time I chose the rear seats and Diogo sat on the middle seats. Diogo and I liked to chat while viewing the free action movie starred by Mr. Goncalo and Mr. Tiago.
  From Oct 26 to 28, our trip was Henan to Hebei to Taian, and in the afternoon of Oct 28, we came back to our the company and the trip was finished. Then we came to discussion, configuration confirming, quotation, etc.. 3 foreign friends were very serious with their job, and expressed very sincere attitude, which touched me much. Diogo was a very nice businessman. Because Diogo and I had a longer contact than other, I liked to open mind to him.
  How time flies! After seeing 3 friends off, I started to collect and make lots of quotations. I had to admit that Diogo gave me opportunity of getting to know different industries, from vehicle and machines to LED light and alcohol pot.
  When I send an email to confirm the excavator configuration, Diogo questioned the breaking hammer, but in the responded email he still wrote: But I trust you. I knew Diogo trusted me, but it’s the first time he told me his trust. I was moved to tears. I won’t betray his trust. Neither will our company.
  Through the cooperation with Diogo, I get to understand that the best prize of sales is not money, position promoted, or show-off, but having more friends trust you. I believe that the friendship between Diogo and I will be everlasting and the cooperation between Diogo and Qingong will be everlasting.