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Every Cloud Has A Siler Lining​

Return News List Release Date:2016-03-04 | Concern :
  The good news came to me in the afternoon of yesterday. Working in Qingong for months, I finished the first order. It was a small order, but I still felt happy. The whole process let me gain much.
  My client, Percy, found me on Whats App. At the very beginning, he wanted dashboard and stater, and asked me to find different suppliers for price comparison. The suppliers required me to give vehicle’s model and engine’s model, but as a fresh man, I didn’t know what dashboard was, what starter was, and which model of vehicles or engines they were installed in. Thanks for the help of Mr. Qin Zhen, my nice colleague, finally I got the exact information and quotation.
  From the profile images of Percy, I knew that he had a girlfriend, so when we didn’t talk about the business, we make conversation about how to make romance. Generally, business developed smoothly. Although it was a small order, Percy liked bargaining. We spent much time on bargaining.
  When Percy asked for PI, I didn’t know what PI was! Luckily, Spark, my colleague, helped me make the PI. Then Percy asked brake lights, but I don’t know what it was, and had to check with the suppliers and the search engines. At that time, Percy was staying in bank for payment, and he became very anxious and pushed me to hurry up. I was afraid of making mistakes and told him to send some photos of the light for confirmation, but he thought I was wasting time.
  When I contacted DHL for delivery cost, I didn’t know how to say. After several time communication with DHL customer service, finally I got the delivery cost smoothly.
  The bank slip of the deposit came to me in Dec 11. It’s a date I should remember forever. After only one week’s conversation, Percy gave me an order.
  However, the deposit payment costed a long time to arrive in the bank account of our company. During the period of waiting for the deposit, Percy felt anxious again, and asked me: what’s wrong with your bank? I felt anxious too, but I must be patient. So everyday I chatted with him and comforted him. After receiving deposit, I was asked to deliver the goods as soon as possible.
  Cherry, my colleague, told me how to send a DHL express. It seemed simple, but needed carefulness. After some setbacks, I sent my first DHL express successfully.
  As I said previously, this is a small order, but I calculated it once and once again, to make sure I didn’t make mistakes. No matter the order is big or small, I should finish it seriously.
  As I said previously, Percy had complained to me, expressed angry with me, but at last, he chose to trust me. The process might be not perfect, but we trusted each other and trust was the basis of cooperation.
  And also as I said, I’m a fresh man. Through this order, I found there were so much things needed me to learn! I must become professional as soon as possible!
  At last, I must say “ Thanks” to all colleagues who had helped me. Thank you, my friend!