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I Met a "Shorttempered"Customer​

Return News List Release Date:2016-03-04 | Concern :
  During the two and a half years in QinGong, I met customers from many countries with many different characters. The most impressive person is one customer from American called Mg.
  As everyone knows, the United States is a high-efficiency country. They do things very efficiently. Mg confirmed this. He gave me a untruth feeling from the early communication to the final order.
  One morning in April, I came to company as usual, opened the computer, checked the email. At that time, I received a stranger call. I picked up the phone, and he showed his purchase demand to me. But we met problem on the expression of his mailbox. Mg’s mailbox is extremely complex, including his name and company name. So I suggested him to write down my E-mail, and send a mail to me. Then we communicated very well.
  Mg didn’t raise any objection to the price of the product. But he just felt hard to accept 100% T/T before shipment. He wanted to pay 50% balance T/T after receiving BL. We have never done business like this before. I explained to him that it is our company's regulation and showed understand to his cautious attitude.
  In the early next morning, he called me on Skype. According to the discussing result with our manager, I decided to take the risk of  70% T/T and 30% balance payment after BL to make deal with him. Finally the customer agreed to our suggestion. The customer paid the deposit and balance payment very soon according to the date we talked before. We began to talk with each other in April and received all the payment in mid-may. Now the product has been on the way to the destination.
  I'm really flattered to the customer's trust and support.  I also accept his high-efficiency style. Customers have different types, if we really encountered this kind of "shorttempered" customers, it is not only an opportunity, but also a challenge for us. We need to keep up with his rhythm, meet his demands, adapt to his pace, then we can finally win the order. Hope to have more opportunity to work with the "shorttempered" customers.