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The Story With My Customer-Service Wins Customer​

Return News List Release Date:2016-03-04 | Concern :
  It was in September 2011 that I started a friendship with Lius. Lius was my Mexico customer. It took nearly 3 months from receiving inquiries to confirming the order. The customer was the end user of truck mounted cranes, who paid much attention to the accessories of the product and service. During the communication via email and telephone, he gradually came to know that our enterprise philosophy, which is "service is everything, everything is service". He was very pleased with that. He coordinated with us during payment, delivery and balance payment. Although it was a LC order, and the LC was changed for 2 times, the customer wasn’t bored with it, the order of 6 units truck mounted cranes went very smoothly. We communicated a lot after this business, and Lius had good impression of our company. He also said he would make more order to our company once he had.
  Turning point appeared in the June of this year, the customer sent me a mail to require some mechanical spare parts. I quoted to him, but no reply came to me. Then I sent a mail to ask what happened. I was shocked by his feedback. He changed his usual gentle, said toughly: "Steven, I got a very cheap price from the factory, I will never purchase from you again!" After asking, I know there was one supplier who offered the parts at about 20% cheaper than us. It was impossible for machinery industry to at a 20% discount, but Lius thought we seek the high profits from him. In the face of the angry customer, I sent an email to explain that we couldn’t offer such a low price, because we were always providing the best quality product in most reasonable price. We might not cooperate in this order, but if there was anything I could help, please feel free to contact me. This time no cooperation did not mean we were not friends, and we were always your reliable supplier.
  Lius sent an email to me in July. As he said there was something wrong with his truck mounted cranes. He needed a reducer assembly urgently. In spite of his bad attitude before, we immediately contacted the factory to quote the spare part, and sent the spare parts rapidly through DHL to the customer. The customer received and repaired his truck mounted crane soon.
  Surprise came in August, Lius sent me email. As he said, the supplier who could offer spare parts at about 20% lower in April was confirmed that they were providing the OEM parts. He demanded for some samples, and found the quality was general, and the delivery was slow. Lius was very satisfied with our service, and would rather spend more money to choose us as his supplier. What the customer pay attention to was our high quality service and reputation. On the 17th, the customer made 100% payment for the spare parts. Now we are arranging factory to pack the spare parts in wooden cases. We will send the spare parts to the customer as soon as possible.
  During the communication with Lius, I realize that whatever customer treated us, we should show our highest professional quality and the best service attitude to our customers. We are a professional international trade company. The concept of "Service is everything, everything is service" will also guide us to win more and more orders, and meet more and more customers, forwarding the Qin Gong noble service concept to all over the world..

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