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Belief And Insistence​

Return News List Release Date:2016-03-04 | Concern :
  As a freshman, it’s my pleasure to join the Qingong International Group. At the same time , it’s pretty fortunate for me to fall upon the Makeronly platform.
  In my opinion, it’s an honor for a person that who witnessed and participated at the beginning and the growing and the future of a positive project. Fortunately, the group including me .
  5:30 PM, 30, 01, 2016 ,the business college of QinGong. Our chairman talked more with the familiars and made some important instructions about the “makeronly”. After the meeting , I saw that all the colleagues were busy with making the website perfect, although the work time has over. At that time , I know that choosing this group absolutely right.
  I am in the second group of the machinery and our duty is perfect the HengYu factory. We have no any data but their website.
  Nothing is difficult to the man who will try. According to the plan of manager Liu, we searched the pictures, the credential and etc .During the course, we laughed, we complained even quarreled about the work. Sunshine comes after the storm. We finished finally. When we after the work , the restaurant closed nearly and the bus has stopped. But all the group familiars no complained, no grumbled. At that moment , I know the future of QinGong is excellent .
  When I back to home and rest, the time has 11:00PM nearly. My phone rolling suddenly and display our familiar group information of ‘’We Chat’’. In this , they were talked and modified for the “makeronly” up to wee hours.
  The chairman said “we are doing a thing, we are doing a great thing”. All right, any great project no without belief and insistence. In the eyes of QinGong familiars, the “makeronly ” will definitely be successful and we will definitely be successful too.
  Now, we are proud of the Internet .
  Tomorrow, the internet are proud of the “makeronly”.